Creator of 100% bio-based molecules of interest
for the cosmetics and fine chemicals sectors

Kakémono BioInspir

After 15 years of research in ecological chemistry in the ChimEco laboratory, Prof. Claude Grison is joining forces with Technofounders to create BioInspir in 2020, with the objective of commercializing the production of biobased and natural molecules on a contract basis for the sectors of the cosmetics and fine chemicals.

BioInspir selects certain plant species capable of biosorbing metals contained in natural or industrial effluents. The use of these plants makes it possible to create filters to capture metals, and from them, to design ecocatalysts used for the gentle synthesis of high added value products.

Today, the company has a library of molecules that evolves day by day. New molecules are developed every week, either on a contract basis for clients, or on molecules at stake for many companies.

After securing funding of nearly 1 million euros in September 2020, BioInspir is developing its library of molecules and preparing for capacity building at the kilo-lab scale.

Key dates

  • 2005 - 2020
    Research and testing by Prof. Claude Grison from the ChimEco laboratory
  • January 2020
    Creation of BioInspir
  • September 2020
    Securing of funding of nearly 1 million euros
  • July 2021
    Marketing of plant molecules
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