Treatment solution for vines
by confined spraying at very high performance

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In order to meet the challenges of protecting the environment and people, Vincent de RUDNICKI, Research Engineer at IRSTEA / INRAE, has developed since 2017 a technological innovation based on high performance spraying confined using air knives . This innovation thus allows a drastic reduction in the drift of phytosanitary products while improving the quality of coverage of the treated leaves.

After several tests carried out on the experimental bench and in the vineyard, it was alongside the startup studio Technofounders that the company Bliss Ecospray was created in January 2021 with the aim of industrializing and launching the commercialization of this innovation.

The patented technological innovation used by Bliss Ecospray exploits the COANDA effect, particularly known in the aeronautics sector, in order to confine the sprayed product inside a high density, impassable air space. The air expelled at very high speed (> 200 km / h) all around the nozzles forms a ring from which no drop can escape. The droplets are thus trapped between two invisible transverse screens and constitute a physical barrier, preventing any “loss” of product in the air or on the ground. We then speak of the drift phenomenon.

Thanks to its innovation, Bliss Ecospray achieves near-perfect coverage qualities, all with good uniformity. This technology also makes it possible to drastically reduce the drift of phytosanitary products. By preventing the transfer of these products out of the treatment area, winegrowers would save 20% to 40% on the use of these products.

Key dates

  • 2017
    Research & Technological Development
  • 2019
    Winner of the SITEVI trade fair as part of the Innovation Awards
  • 2021
    Creation of Bliss Ecospray by Vincent de RUDNICKI and Yves MATTON
  • 2021
    Meeting with winegrowers all over France and demonstration of the solution in detail
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