French leader in the anti-drone fight


Created in 2015, CERBAIR is the French anti-drone specialist thanks to its technologies for controlling the radiofrequency spectrum. The Montrouge-based company detects, locates and neutralizes malicious drones. Because it is extremely accessible, powerful and guarantees the impunity of its pilot, this vector has become the dream tool of criminals and poses new airborne threats to the security of our societies.

CERBAIR protects all types of sensitive sites and allows the security industry to think of itself for the first time in 3 dimensions. Since this threat is extremely mobile and diffuse, the market calls for robust and affordable integrated multi-technology solutions as well as more portability.

Four threats that are espionage, attacks, the risk of collision, and contraband actions, can impact both soldiers and civilians, sometimes even the direct target of criminals. Thus, the protection of sensitive sites against drones is becoming a major issue in the national defense strategy.

The fruit of more than two years of work, the release of CHIMERA is a major step for CerbAir since it is the only anti-drone solution in the world capable of combining detection, localization and neutralization in the same portable hardware base.

Key dates

  • 2015
    Creation of CerbAir by Olivier Le Blainvaux and Lucas Le Bell
  • 2017
    First commercialization of Hydra
  • 2019
    Last fundraising of 5.5 million euros
  • 2020
    Launch of the Chimera solution
  • 2021
    Cerbair enhances its drone detection with ULTRA technology


August 2021 – Press release: DroneSec & Cerbair join forces to better disseminate knowledge on the drone threat

March 2021 – Press release: CERBAIR enriches its drone detection thanks to a unique filter: ULTRA (Ultimate Recognition Algorithm

September 2020 – Press release on the launch of the Chimera solution

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