Visitor flow analysis solution for real estate companies and brands


Digeiz is a French startup created by TechnoFounders, which since 2015 has been developing a Computer Vision solution to analyze pedestrian and vehicle flows from any CCTV camera. The image processing algorithms developed by Digeiz work in real time, thus allowing data processing on the fly and without recording, respecting the GDPR.

Digeiz initially developed in shopping centers. Pedestrian flow becomes a crucial issue in the relationship between lessors and lessees. It makes it possible to set a fair rent based on the fundamental value of the malls: their visitors. Digeiz provides shopping centers with precise and auditable data on footfall around each store. The solution makes it possible to count and segment by gender or age group and also to analyze the complete journeys within the mall. This last information is obtained thanks to a tag based on the silhouette (anonymous and ephemeral) which makes it possible to re-identify visitors between different cameras. These routes make it possible to understand the correlations between shops and, for example, to show a sports brand that visitors to the center are in its target (ie young visitors who frequent clothing stores and a gym). Digeiz works with some international players like Unibail Rodamco Westfield, Hammerson or Ceetrus.

This re-identification technology is unique in the world. Indeed, Digeiz has beaten the academic scores of the most prestigious research teams in the world (Max Planck Institute, Germany; Baidu R&D, China). It allows applications in different verticals, in particular security & safety, to help video surveillance operators to reconstruct the paths of individuals on a network of cameras. Today, there is no solution that automates this time-consuming exercise that is essential for the characterization of any type of crime.

Key dates

  • 2015
    Creation of DiGEiZ by Technofounders
  • 2017
    First pilot in a shopping center
  • 2018
    3 first shopping centers deployed / Bureau Veritas 98.5% reliability certificate at the Renault showroom on the Champs Elysées
  • 2020
    First car park equipped with dynamic staking / +700 cameras processed live
  • 2021
    New mobile application available


March 2021 – New mobile application available on IOS and Android to view a real-time attendance gauge

October 2020 – New performance record in REID

September 2020 – Signature of two new shopping centers and car parks for a total of 3,000 spaces and 100,000m² of GLA, opening Q1 2021

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