Accelerate the agro-ecological transition, for healthy and sustainable agriculture

Respond to the climate and ecological emergency by offering innovative technological solutions and rethinking agricultural models in a sustainable, profitable and efficient manner.

Green Chemistry & New Materials

Rethinking industrial chemistry and processed products by promoting our natural resources

Propose sustainable and responsible alternatives for key industrial sectors such as chemicals in order to reduce their environmental impact and offer healthy and effective solutions to consumers.


Improving the daily lives of practitioners and the effectiveness of care

Deploy new technological and industrial solutions to healthcare professionals in order to improve the well-being of patients and the daily lives of practitioners.

Expertise and missions

A proven methodology to transform R&D projects into growing businesses

With more than 10 years of deeptech project development and dozens of launched companies, our team provides its expertise and methodology to serve the studio's startups. From market analysis to industrial deployment, including the fundraising and team creation stages, everything is made available so that startups develop as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Market analysis


Industrial deployment

Operational Management


Legal & HR Support

Join us

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or researcher, join us to create the impactful deeptech companies