Hiqute Diamond

Industrial diamonds for high-tech applications


A range of high quality, large diamonds suitable for the most demanding applications

Hiqute Diamond's proprietary technology enables the synthesis of large-scale diamond plates by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), these plates have functionalities suitable for industrial applications.

Boron-doped diamond plates open the way to power electronics for which the use of new “wide gap” materials integrated into vertical components is essential, particularly for the management of complex electrical networks involving currents and voltages. students.

Ultra-pure diamonds are particularly relevant for radiation sensing applications that require high strength and operation under extreme conditions with large sensing areas.

NV-centered diamonds will enable the development of compact and ultra-sensitive sensors whose performance will exceed that of conventional systems.

Green Chemistry & New Materials

Rethinking industrial chemistry and processed products by promoting our natural resources

Propose sustainable and responsible alternatives for key industrial sectors such as chemicals in order to reduce their environmental impact and offer healthy and effective solutions to consumers.