Creator of an organic, natural and effective mosquito repellent


To support the fight against mosquitoes, more than ever recognized as a major global health issue, the Bioprotection Laboratories team has developed an anti-mosquito repellent that is both extremely effective, good for our health and for the planet: Crusoé.

After realizing that in 2021 there was no repellant that was both healthy and effective, Dr. Claude Grison, director of the laboratory ChimEco, in collaboration with the startup studio Technofounders, have discovered and proven the effectiveness of a new, original and patented active ingredient obtained from 100% natural resources. Green chemistry at the service of our health!

Experiments in real conditions have shown that the repellent Crusoé is 7x more effective than all existing products on the market, in tropical and temperate areas. The common desire to provide innovative solutions with a positive societal and environmental impact to concrete issues brought together the Bioprotection Laboratories team to finalize the development of Crusoé and allow its production on a large scale. The challenge is to produce large quantities of this active ingredient, made from 100% natural ingredients and a very low-energy process.

The recipe is secret and jealously guarded, but the Bioprotection Laboratories attach particular importance to transparency. This is why they rigorously select their suppliers and partners in order to meet the strictest “organic” labeled production criteria. They also want full transparency about the effectiveness of their products, which is why they publish all the results of scientific tests they perform!

To buy your best ally against mosquitoes, it’s here.

Key dates

  • 2020
    Research and development
  • January 2021
    Creation of the company Laboratoires Bioprotection
  • July 2021
    Marketing of Crusoé the first natural AND effective organic mosquito repellent
  • Fall 2021
    Participation in trade fairs and general public (Natexpo & Marjolaine)


July 2021 – Discover the interview with Claude Grison, scientific director

October 2021 – Participation in the Natexpo trade fair from October 24 to 26

November 2021 – Participation in the Marjolaine fair from November 6 to 14

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