Creator of 100% biobased molecules of interest

BioInspir is the creator of a new sector of ecological catalysis and synthesizes bio-sourced and bio-inspired products for the cosmetics and fine chemicals sectors.

French leader in the anti-drone fight

CerbAir offers cutting-edge RF analysis solutions to counter the increase in intrusive drone flights and the threat they pose by detecting, characterizing and neutralizing them.

Visitor flow analysis solution

DiGEiZ offers a deep learning AI solution that provides real-time, GDPR-compliant visitor behavior data, primarily designed for shopping malls.

Model of technological micro-farms

Neofarm designs technological farms in bio-intensive market gardening on a small surface on the outskirts of cities, with the mission of bringing out an efficient, ecological production model that justly rewards the producer’s effort.

Improved pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients

SPINOFRIN uses the patented “Spray Flash Evaporation” (SFE) submicronization process developed by Dr Denis Spitzer, to improve the properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Overactive Bladder Treatment Solution

Tensi + was developed by Stimuli Technology to improve the lives of patients with overactive bladder, through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, more commonly known as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

Stimulation of the natural defenses of plants by UV flashes

UV Boosting has developed a process for stimulating the natural defenses of plants, based on the exposure of crops to UV-C flashes, applied to vines and strawberries.

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Very high performance confined spray treatment solution for vines

Bliss Ecospray aims to reduce the drift of phytosanitary products thanks to a patented technology based on sprays confined by air shield.

Creator of an effective and 100% natural mosquito repellent

The Bioprotection Laboratories team develops and distributes an organic, natural and effective mosquito repellent, resulting from an eco-responsible process.


The revolution in the satellite propulsion market

ION-X offers revolutionary compact, versatile, inexpensive and industrial technology for the propulsion of small satellites.

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