Improved pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients


After more than 10 years of research, and particularly in the military field, it was in 2006 that Dr. Denis Spitzer and his team gave life to the “Spray Flash Evaporation” (SFE) submicronization process.

By partnering with Technofounders, they created Spinofrin in 2018, with the objective of exploiting SFE technology on molecules at stake for the pharmaceutical sector.

Spinofrin therefore aims to establish itself as a reference in the field of submicronization, by offering an innovative, industrial and mastered process to obtain particles smaller than a micron but not necessarily nanometric. The innovation has a dual interest, therapeutic (drugs are more effective) and economic (technology optimizes the use of very expensive products).

This innovative “SFE” process is protected by 2 international patents and offers many advantages over the most widely used techniques: continuous production with improved homogeneity, possibility of formation of pure crystals, co-crystals and core-shell compounds at the submicron scale.

Recognized on several occasions, Spinofrin secured funding of 3.5 million euros in May 2020, which allows it to begin industrializing its process and setting up a dedicated production site.

Key dates

  • 2006 - 2010
    Research and discovery of the SFE process
  • 2018
    Creation of Spinofrin
  • 2020
    Securing of funding of 3.5 million euros
  • 2021
    Deployment of a dedicated production site


September 2021 – Spinofrin will participate in Swiss Biotech Day on September 7 in Basel, Switzerland.

March 2021 – Recruitment of Sylvain Aubry, Unit Director

September 2020 – Publication of a pharmaceutical article

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