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Technofounders, the startup studio for the big challenges of tomorrow

Created in 2014 by 3 entrepreneurs with a strong scientific understanding, we promote Research from French laboratories by creating technological start-ups with high added value, thus meeting a requirement for speed to market and real economic potential. A true catalyst for projects and initiatives, we test and analyze technological ideas in order to develop only the most relevant: market studies, design of economic models and development until the company is fully autonomous.

Alongside our partners and informed by our experts, we are moving forward with a common mission: to create startups with significant societal impact, around 3 themes: the environment, health and complex digital systems. The pooling of talents, the reach of the network built around Technofounders and the rapid access to seed funding facilitate the creation of business opportunities aimed at developing the technological nuggets of tomorrow.

The founders of the studio

Sharing the observation that numerous research works could give birth to great entrepreneurial stories,
Pierre, Yves and Olivier, all 3 trained polytechnicians, have decided to launch a Startup Studio
dedicated to the creation of startups based on strong technological assets.

  • Pierre Le Blainvaux

    Pierre Le Blainvaux
    Pierre Le Blainvaux
    Ecole Polytechnique / Columbia
    Ex McKinsey & Company
  • Olivier Le Blainvaux

    Olivier Le Blainvaux
    Olivier Le Blainvaux
    Ecole Polytechnique / Columbia
    Ex McKinsey & Company, Ex Jumia (Rocket Internet)
  • Yves Matton

    Yves Matton
    Yves Matton
    Ecole Polytechnique / MIT
    Ex McKinsey & Company ; Local Motion

The values of the studio

Let's meet together the major challenges of tomorrow

Bearer of an innovation?

Are you the bearer of technological innovation & do you want it to be implemented in a relevant and future market? You knocked on the good door !

Within the studio, a team of experts identifies the innovative nature of each of your projects and thinks with you about the relevance of creating a startup (applications, personal implications, funding, execution).

Whether your idea is still in the early stages of its history, or already in the development phase, we suggest that you co-build together the deeptech start-up of tomorrow.

Complementarity is the common thread of this new adventure: you are the bearer of this innovation and remain at the head of the scientific part of it, while the studio ensures the growth and development of the company, from the conception of the 1st product until its profitability.

The themes of the studio

At Technofounders, the startups created present a significant societal impact and opportunities for technological disruption

Algorithms and artificial intelligence for more security and business efficiency

Mastery of analysis and decision support technologies in real time on big data makes it possible to rethink certain services or to take a place in the value chain by excelling in one of these components.

Medical devices or innovative processes for the treatments of tomorrow

Improve treatments by implementing disruptive technological solutions for patients or healthcare professionals.

Safe, healthy and sustainable food Smoother and more efficient chemistry

Use technology to rethink production models that are efficient, profitable and sustainable. Offer credible alternatives to synthetic chemistry and polluting activities to reduce the environmental impact of industry.

A need for propellants which is increasing exponentially and which is becoming a key competitive issue.

A new way of propelling small-sized satellites that meets the needs of manufacturers: versatility, efficiency and competitive price positioning.

Studio services at your disposal

The studio’s experts support you in your project, regardless of its maturity.
We provide you with the services of the Studio developed to effectively serve innovative young shoots.

Technofounders - conseil stratégique

strategic advice

Develop your project according to the market opportunities analyzed by setting up methodological management tools

Technofounders - financement


Study your different possible sources of funding (public, banking, fundraising) and implement the necessary means to reach them

Technofounders - marketing et communication

Marketing & Communication

Develop your brand image and your notoriety with a specific target, using various levers mastered by our experts such as digital, events or public relations

Technofounders - administratif


Simplify the management of your project by delegating administrative tasks while benefiting from the expertise of our team in order to recruit the best talents to join your adventure

Technofounders - réseau


Benefit from the Technofounders network consisting mainly of investors, committed entrepreneurs and French researchers to develop your business

They trust us

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