Solution for stimulating the natural defenses of the plant
thanks to UV-C flashes


After discovering that UV-C flashes increase the resistance of plants to various pathogens, researchers Laurent Urban and Jawad Aarrouf filed a first patent in 2015. They then met Yves Matton, co-founder of Technofounders, with whom they worked. associate and create together UV Boosting in 2016.

This innovative technology consists in stimulating the natural defenses of the plant thanks to UV-C flashes, causing the triggering of a defense mechanism even before the appearance of a pathogen: the plant is thus more resistant and the damage of the pathogen is limits. The equipment offered has various advantages, including allowing a flexible processing rate, adapting to most standard agricultural machinery and requiring no consumables.

While regulatory restrictions have become increasingly stringent in recent years, UV Boosting aims to considerably reduce producers’ dependence on fungicides, mainly on vines and strawberries.

To date, more than fifty wine growers use UV Boosting equipment in several French wine regions and several meetings with players in the wine industry have taken place abroad.

At UV Boosting, we are convinced that technology and scientific research are sources of solutions for sustainable agriculture that is more respectful of the environment.

Key dates

  • 2015
    Filing of a first patent after a few years of research
  • 2016
    Meeting of the founders and launch of the project
  • 2017
    Creation of UV Boosting
  • 2018 - 2019
    R&D development and trials in the vineyard
  • 2020
    3rd season of conclusive trials with producers
  • 2021
    Inauguration of the new production site


July 2021 – UV rays against downy mildew and powdery mildew (Pleinchamp article)

June 2021 – UV Boosting stimulation as a weapon in the fight against frost in the vineyard!

March 2021 – First delivery of machines for the 2021 season

January 2021 – Inauguration of the new production site, in the presence of Alexandra Dublanche

November 2020 – UV Boosting unveils the results of the 2020 season

September 2020 – France3 Champagne-Ardenne report

October 2020 – France3 Grand Est report

UV Boosting in pictures

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