Agroecological and technological farms to produce vegetables sustainably

Ferme pilote NeoFarm



Co-founded by Alexia Rey and Olivier Le Blainvaux in 2018, NeoFarm designs technological micro-farms in bio-intensive market gardening on small surfaces on the outskirts of cities. The AgTech startup has set itself the mission of bringing out an efficient, ecological production model that precisely rewards the effort of the producer.

This is based on the local production of organic fruits and vegetables in micro-farms located near cities, allowing short-circuit distribution. NeoFarm’s turnkey solution is a network of technological micro-farms combining the benefits of agroecology and those of technology. These technological tools allow both significant time savings for the market gardener on long and arduous tasks, as well as improved monitoring of operations and decision-making.

In partnership with local players, first and foremost communities and farmers, NeoFarm wants to have an impact on the consumption patterns of citizens and aims to deploy its model throughout France.

Key dates

  • January 2018
    Creation of NeoFarm and primer lifting
  • April 2018
    Launch of agro and techno tests in the pilot greenhouse (78)
  • July 2020
    Time savings of 30% achieved thanks to 5 tools and fundraising
  • June 2021
    Inauguration of the new 10
  • 000m² pilot technological farm
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