Nodia Metabolics

Food supplement for prediabetics


Preventing the development of type II diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels in prediabetic patients

NODIA METABOLICS was launched in January 2024 following the meeting of four researchers specializing in the microbiology of food for health (from the Micalis institute, attached to INRAE ​​and AgroParistech) and the startup studio Technofounders. Many years of research have made it possible to identify and test an amino acid derivative naturally present in many plants with very promising anti-hyperglycemic effects.

Based on this patented active ingredient, NODIA METABOLICS is developing a food supplement allowing regulation of the blood sugar levels of prediabetic patients and thus reduce their risk of developing type II diabetes.


Allow prediabetics to regain normal blood sugar levels

Prediabetes constitutes an early phase of type 2 diabetes and is characterized by high blood sugar levels but still below the threshold for diabetes diagnosis. This condition affects more than 540 million people and 70% of these individuals will develop type 2 diabetes during their life if they do not change their lifestyle.

Unlike diabetes, prediabetes is reversible, but apart from health and diet measures, there are no effective solutions to combat it. The NODIA food supplement constitutes an innovative solution to help prediabetic patients regain normal blood sugar levels and thus reduce their risk of developing type II diabetes.

The Team

Nodia Metabolics Management team

Sébastien Balas

Directeur Général

Christine Delorme

Cofondatrice et Expert scientifique

Véronique Douard

Cofondatrice et Expert scientifique

Vincent Juillard

Cofondateur et Expert scientifique

Severine Layec

Cofondatrice et Expert scientifique


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